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Realtime Job Examples – Plumber Isle of Man

I get asked quite a lot as to the types of jobs that I do as a Plumber in Isle of Man. The basic stuff is easy, but sometimes people are unsure as to whether they need a plumber, a builder or a drainage company. So these are the examples of the last couple of jobs I’ve done…. March 2021.

First, a faulty mixer shower. Nothing more annoying than standing under your shower in the morning – switching the dial to a balmy 40 degrees…only to find either 55 degrees or 3 degrees as your only options. So you either settle for second degree body burnshypothermia or dislocated knees whilst hopping in and out of the water stream. Time to Contact Us.

Lastly the pipes that run throughout our house feed each radiator with hot water to heat our home. But having an extension, or a garage conversion or a new utility room (today’s job) mean that you’ll end up needing new copper or plastic pipes feeding from the boiler to the new room so you can have warmth from a new radiator. We may also end up having to arrange the hot and cold water feed into the utility room so a separate sink can be installed!

Houses Are Starting To Sell! – Plumber Isle of Man, Pipeline Plumbing issue boiler serving plus gas safety certificates

We’re definitely starting to see an upturn in the requests for gas boiler servicing, small and large renovations and all things plumbing related when people are buying their new houses. With restrictions starting to ease people are looking to non essential retail to open so they can go and finally look at their dream bathroom suite!

Here at Pipeline Plumbing , we’re available for all things related to boilers and plumbing repairs but we don’t install a full new bathroom.

Boiler service with your plumber Isle of Man

Even during the Covid 19 lockdowns emergency boiler repairs and sometimes installations were needed to be carried out.

Our Area Coverage

Here at Pipeline Plumbing – we cover all of the Island

Douglas, Onchan, Glen Vine, Crosby, Peel, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Kirk Michael and Ramsey

Gas Works at Pipeline Plumbing

Not many plumbers in the Isle of Man are actually Gas Safe engineers also. In fact some plumbers claim to be Corgi registered! Well Corgi registration doesn’t exist anymore! It has been superceded by Gas Safe and you should always be looking for the Gas Safe Logo as shown here. Gas Safe covers boiler and central heating work, landlord certificates required

annually to make sure the premises is ‘Gas Safe’ – and basically means that everything to do with gas is covered by a regulated company. Not all plumbers in  Manchester are Gas Safe so unless you’ve seen their certificates – keep them away from  your GAS PIPES!

Shower Replacement – Plumber – Isle of Man

plumber manchester kid singing shower

The average shower I would say last about 10 years, and we’re now in an age where we tend to replace rather than fix. It’s not really worth replacing broken parts in showers, because the cost of a brand new shower is so very reasonable. So if you’re thinking of calling a plumber in Isle of Man because you’re shower has started running cold,or the opposite and scalding you…as you try to enjoy your morning routine then call Pipeline Plumbing !

Boiler Installation – Plumber Isle of Man

boiler baxi plumbers manchester

When winter is on it’s way, the promised Indian summer has flown by, and we’re already in a situation where we’re turning the central heating on when we get through the front door! The worst case we can end up in, is we try and fire the boiler and get absolutely nothing back. Uh oh- a broken boiler. Again – we’re in this throw away age, where you have to make the call. Is it worth replacing the broken parts in the boiler- or do you just replace it and take a new boiler with a 10 year warranty? I guess these are the questions you can ask your Isle of Man plumber – We’ll give you honest and upfront free advice. Contact Us here.

Extra Radiators? Replacement Radiators – Plumber Isle of Man

radiator plumber manchester - 0161 co

Are we faced with the need for a cosy lounge of an evening – or like me, a cosy conservatory to have dinner in. Unfortunately the central heating didn’t extend to the extension so it was permanently cold. Thankfully being a plumber in Isle of Man I was able to fit my own radiator. But a simple copper pipe connection from the last radiator in the house has meant I now have a double convection radiator in the extension,

Here at Pipeline Plumbing we can replace radiators, install new ones or add to the existing system. Just give us a call on 07624 252000