Gas boiler repair – Isle of Man

Gas boiler repairs for the Isle of Man

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Do you need a boiler repair ?

Boiler repair Isle of Man
Boiler repair Isle of Man

Smell gas? Call Manx Gas on 01624 644444. If you can smell burning or there’s smoke coming from your electrics – call 999 immediately. On this page we can only give you basic advice to do the job yourself. To stop you hurting yourself or damaging your home, make sure you use the right tools and protective equipment. To work on gas appliances it is the law to be Gas Safe registered.

How can I get my central heating working? Is it the boiler that needs a repair ?

Bleed or vent all the radiators and at the same time top up the pressure on the system to roughly 1 bar pressure. Do you have hot water ? Do you know what type of boiler the system has ? If some radiators are warm at the top and cold at the bottom it could be full of sludge and need a power flush or a chemical flush.

Why is my heating only working upstairs? Does the boiler need a repair ? Isle of Man

This can be caused by low pressure or faulty zone valves or if a single heating one it could be a pump/circulator. If you are not sure contact Stephen on 252000. Text or What’s App is best.

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