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In the Winter nothing is more frustrating than discovering a problem with your central heating. Whilst the rising costs of heating your home is bad enough, to discover you can’t heat it at all in the freezing weather is even worse. Sometimes it’s not clear whether the fault lies at the feet of your boiler, the radiators or the interconnecting pipework between them. Thankfully, your plumber Isle of Man knows some hints and tips to determine what may be the root cause of the problem and whether or not you require the skilled hands of a trained professional plumber.

If you’ve noticed that none of your radiators are working, then the likelihood is that the problem lies with your boiler. If this is the case, you should have no hesitation in calling your plumber Isle of Man. Once there, we will also check whether there are any issues with your radiators too following your boiler repair.

If you notice only one radiator, or a few, not working, then the likelihood is that your radiators are the problem, not your boiler. If you notice your radiator is warm at the bottom, but cold at the top, it is likely you will need to bleed the radiator. This is relatively simple but is best performed by a highly-trained plumber Isle IOM to avoid any potential water damage from bleeding the radiator too aggressively. Of course, if the whole radiator is cold you should check the valves on either side to ensure both are open. If you’re still having problems, then you should call your reliable plumber Isle of Man to come to your property and fix the issue efficiently and effectively.

If you notice a leak coming from your radiator, your plumber Isle of Man recommends giving them a call too. However, not all leak are disastrous and some can be easily managed by a non-professional. The most important thing is to make sure you have both a towel and a bucket to hand. Hopefully the issue is just with the radiator valve which can be easy to resolve with a new valve and threading. If for any reason you get stuck on such a simple job, you can call one of our friendly plumber Isle of Man team for advice or an emergency appointment to have a professional fix the problem pronto.

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