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Boilers can be temperamental if you don’t treat them right. If they don’t get seen to by the right people, they can often backfire, causing you a lot of expensive problems.

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Why do you need a boiler service?

Serving your boiler regularly brings a world of benefits. Keep your heating system in perfect condition by checking and maintaining it with an annual service. A regular boiler service from one of our engineers will allow you to rest easy, knowing that your boiler is in good hands. It will also significantly reduce the risk of surprise breakdowns further down the line. 

Wherever you are in London, we will come out to your property. We’ll carry out our checks, repairing any faults that we may find, and then be on our way.

Do you need a boiler service in the Isle of Man?

Book your gas boiler service Isle of Man – Contact us here to book an appointment

Boiler service Isle of Man

How much does a boiler service cost?

The cost of a brand new boiler can vary quite significantly, depending on your requirements. Standard systems start from around £2,000, but some of the most efficient and powerful new boilers can command prices of up to £5,000. So, if your existing system is working well and fulfilling your needs – it’s important to keep it that way! 

Boilers can be enormously expensive to replace if they break down completely, but in most cases such a situation can be avoided with regular maintenance. A regular boiler service will ensure any problems are picked up and resolved quickly, before they cause damage to your boiler. 

A gas boiler service cost £75 including VAT or £100 for a boiler service and landlords gas safety certificate.

What Our Isle of Man Boiler Service Involves

By identifying and resolving any issues early on, our services checks help to keep your boiler healthy and reduce the chances of a severe breakdown occurring in the future. Boiler service checks are recommended by manufacturers as often as once a year, but if you’re not sure when your next service is due then give us a call today.

What we check:

  • Boiler fired to identify any faults
  • Check all main boiler components: burner, heat exchanger, spark electrode
  • Check flue terminals and internal flue components are sealed properly
  • Check that burner is burning efficiently using a flue gas analyser
  • Boiler parts cleaned if necessary
  • Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no gas leaks
  • Boiler casing checked to see it’s properly sealed

Boiler Service FAQs

How regularly can you come and carry out a boiler service check?

Our regularity is completely dependent on the needs of the customer. If you are worried about your boiler, we can come and visit whenever you need us.  Otherwise, we can schedule a check up for the next year. It’s flexible to suit your needs!

How regularly should I get a full boiler service?

We would recommend  that no one should go for more than a year without getting their boiler serviced. This way, you can be sure that any problems are ironed out regularly, so you can maintain a fully-working boiler.

Service your boiler annually

We recommend that you have your boiler serviced regularly. Manufacturer warranties are usually invalidated if your boiler is not serviced annually.

Boiler Servicing is essential for efficiency and safety

Annual servicing is recomendded by Pipeline Plumbing and all boiler manufacturers. To keep your boiler in good, safe working order. This will also reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Regular servicing will ensure that the boiler is running at optimum efficiency, saving energy and money. After a full service each year the the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is massively reduced. Carbon monoxide can be fatal and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances, Pipeline Plumbing service all types of gas boilers.

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